Saturday, July 25, 2009

Slipping and Sliding (in our underwear of course!)

We got the kids a slip and slide for some summertime fun.  And, oh boy, is it ever fun.  One of the best parts about this slide is that it is a double.  That means slip and sliding races.  It means double the fun.  Can't you just see it in their faces?  
Often times, if there is a contest or race of any kind, James it the winner, William is the loser and therefore quite sad.  Or mad.  Or furious.  It is hard to be the little brother.  But he sometimes wins these races, and that makes him very, very happy.
They often run so hard they slip right off the slide.
And yes, they usually slip in slide in their undies.  Are you really surprised at this point?  I try to get them in trunks.  Really I do.  It's just that by the time I've finished setting up the slide. they've already stripped down to their underwear and are slipping and sliding and then I think, "what's the point?"  

Besides, when there is a bottom this cute to look at. why cover it up.  He has such cute cheeks!
I just love summertime.

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Susan said...

These are all adorable pictures!!! Oh, how I wish I had a yard sometimes...

I hope you are enjoying your vacation! Thank you for all of the blog love :O)