Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ice Cream Man

We've moved to suburbia.  The ice cream man drives down our street most afternoons. "There is a truck filled with ice cream that you can buy?" asks James.  He is incredulous.
We had to let them try it.  They were so filled with wonder at the ice cream truck, that they could not tear their eyes away from its glory to show me their choices.
Now, the tasting.
Now the sharing.  
William tries Daddy's.
James tries William's.
Lilly is watching all this and wondering why no one got her an ice cream.
Lilly takes matters into her own hands.
Lilly tries William's.
I think she likes it.
The aftermath.  Give a boy a fudgesicle and this is what you end up with.
This may very well become a Sunday afternoon tradition.  
(You may have noticed the baby doll that William has under his arm in all these photos.  It's one of the dolls Lilly got for her birthday.  William was quite possibly more in love with those dolls than Lilly.  His affection for them was strong enough to encourage James to play family with him even though they did not have any girls there to be the mommy.  They settled on pushing the dolls around in the strollers and both being daddies.  For a while, that doll went everywhere with William.  Even to visit the ice cream man.)


Lillian said...

We had the Good Humor Man when I was a kid. My Favorite was a Mint Chocolate Chip Bar. Alas I was spoiled.....I got to buy from the Good Humor ice cream truck on a regular basis.

Susan the shoppe owner said...

What a sweet post! I can hardly wait until I live in suburbia!

Susan the shoppe owner said...

oops! I was so caught up in reflecting on the cuteness of the photos that I forgot why I originally was wanting to comment!

My favorite was your "Lilly wonders why nobody got her an ice cream" comment. My poor little Eleanor is often stuck in the same situation! We should get together for a mother daughter ice cream play date and make it up to them :O)