Friday, July 24, 2009

A Day in Laguna Beach

For many reasons, Laguna Beach is one of my favorite towns.  Shall I list a few?  It reminds me of Italy.  There are great restaurants there.  The stretch of coastline there is breathtaking.  It's where Aaron proposed.  It was the first stop on our honeymoon.  I love the hills.  Most houses are not mansions (although they cost that much) but small, lovely and very different.  I love the beach clubs with their matching umbrellas and chairs. Did I mention it reminds me of Italy? 
One of the things I have never loved about Laguna Beach is the strong influence the artist Wyland seems to have on the town's art scene.  And yet, Wyland was the reason we headed to Laguna Beach a few weeks ago for Friday Fun Day.  You see, James, William and Lilly love sea creatures.  Whales, dolphins, seals, fish, if it swims, they love it.  I told them there was a town that had whole galleries full of statues, sculptures, paintings and photographs of said sea creatures.  William wanted to see them immediately.  
So there we were, entering the Wyland gallery.  I've been to Laguna Beach many, many, many times and never been in.  
It wasn't that bad.
Sure, there was a painting of a killer whale swimming in space, in a sort of dive over the earth. I looked at it as a good opportunity to teach the boys about the concept of romanticism.  And there were quite a few coffee tables with sea turtles, sharks, or manatees as the base.  The boys thought they were amazing.  I chose not to comment.  Really though, it was about them and they loved it.  
And after looking at the art, we went to the beach.  Where there were surfboards.  
And a boardwalk to walk upon and look down from.
And this adorable baby who just loved every minute of it. 
And there was swinging.

And there was digging.
And there was a telescope for looking out to sea for ships or submarines.
And the very best of all?  There was a Daddy who had the day off and got to come with us on Friday Fun Day.  Daddy makes Friday Fun Day much, much better.
Even after a dose of the Wyland gallery, I still love Laguna Beach.  I am glad we have introduced the kids to it and they love it now too.  Someday I dream of taking them to the Italian Riviera. Until then, we'll have to settle for Laguna
Things could be worse. 

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