Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Uncle B Babysits

Uncle B. That's Uncle Ben. Not of the rice fame, but of the teach my boys all kinds of things that will annoy his big sister fame. Like the day I found William outside peeing into the back of one of his dump trucks.
"What in the world are you doing?" I asked him.
"Uncle B. told me to, "he said all innocence.

Or when James told me about the new game Uncle B. taught him, Bottoms Up. "You throw the ball in the air, and if you miss it, you have to stick your bottom in the air and the other players throw the ball at your bottom." I can see that game going no where good with my 2 boys.
The boys love Uncle B. He wrestles with them, and tickles them and throws them around. He plays baseball with them and gave them $ for their birthday. He is cool. Uncle B. loves them too. But, they wear him out. One day, he was playing hide and seek with them at our house, and they couldn't find him. They looked for a long time. I even looked. We finally gave up. Turns out he had crawled under the covers on James' bed and fallen asleep. He said he needed a little break!

On this particular day, Uncle B. was watching a game at my parent's house. The boys wanted to be with him, but he was tired, and watching the game. Uncle B. came up with a simple solution. Put Mickey Mouse Club house on his Blackberry, hold it up for them to see, keep them quiet and the wrestling to a minimum.
I checked back an hour later. William and Uncle B. had both fallen asleep. James was still watching Mickey Mouse Club House. Seems like it worked out for all of them. Maybe I should have Uncle B. babysit more often.


Lillian said...

Uncle Ben sounds like trouble....................I should know I'm his mother.

Mommy of three said...

He is trouble, but we love him anyway.

Erin McDonald said...

that's Trouble with a capital T and that rymes with B and that stands for Ben! haa haa well we all need a day to vegg! way to go Uncle B!