Monday, June 29, 2009

Home is Where You Hang Your Hat

We moved in the day before Mother's Day.  It was an emotional day.  For all sorts of reasons. One of them was this.  My sweet husband had these roses, in a paint can, a card and our house keys waiting for me.  We'd been apart for 5 long weeks.  It felt like I was coming home, not just because we were finally back, but because I was finally back with him.  It was so good to be home.
There was still a lot to be done.  Besides the moving in, the unpacking of boxes and finding of things, there were still closets to be painted, and door knobs to be put on.  And the really bright yellow paint that I picked for the dining room to be covered up.  Aaron said it would be wrong. Why is he always right about this stuff?  
My Dad came back up and repainted the dining room for me the very first week.  He really came to finish the closets, but he did the dining room to make me happy.  What a wonderful Daddy I have.  I guess you never stop taking care of your kids.  The boys ate breakfast and watched Dziadzi paint.  
They used the boxes I unpacked as pirate ships and sailed the green seas of the backyard.  We all love that backyard.  
With each passing day, our house began to look more like our home.  We're setting up shop. We like our new to us coffee table and orange chairs.  We especially love our turquoise lamp.  I think we need a table for it though.

After years of waiting and saving we are finally here.  I tell the kids all the time how blessed we are to have a Daddy who takes such good care of us.  Our home is such an amazing example of this.  In a place and time where so many people can barely make it with 2 incomes, we do it on 1.  Aaron works very hard.  He was faithful to bring us to this point.  He is a good man.    
And while we never know what the future may bring, it is so good to be home right now.

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Erin McDonald said...

I love the new yellow! and I love the lamp and yes it needs a table! I am so glad you guys are doing things in order! I am amazed atr how you take care of your family and provied them with so many wonderful things! Way to go Aaron and Greta! I love you guys!