Friday, June 5, 2009

Easer Eggs

I know I promised house pictures, but I have almost 2 months worth of pictures and stories that I couldn't publish while I was camping out at my parents' house.  So there will be a little catch up going on.  First up, Easter eggs.

I love dying Easter eggs.  My sister and I dyed eggs together until she had her first son, and then we let him in on the fun.  She was in her 30s and I in my 20s.  (Don't ask how long I trick or treated for) Aaron doesn't recall dying eggs as a child and I have always felt sorry for him.  Think of what he missed out on.  The fizz of the Paas color disc when you add the vinegar.  The white eggs turning lovely shades of pink, green, yellow and blue.  The wax crayon that never works quite right.  Making 2 tone eggs.  And then, the hiding.  Our gang, Ben, Erin, Brian and I, hid eggs for a week at least after Easter.  My Mom made us do it outside for fear of one getting lost.  She was right.  I seem to remember finding an old egg down a gopher hole every year.  

My Babci, grandma, made beautiful eggs for us every Easter.  She used onion skins and they were a marbled brown that no Paas dye kit could ever recreate.  I asked her how to make them this year.  She said she saves onion skins all year long.  She also suggested I try purple onions, although I only remember the brown ones.  I plan on making them with my kids next year.  I'd like to carry on that tradition.  

I also want to try dying eggs with silk ties.  I saw it on Martha Stewart (get the info here) and it looks very fun and really cool.  
This year though, I had my hands plenty full with moving, and living out of a duffel bag.  In fact, I almost forgot to dye eggs.  My hands were also full with 3 kids, 2 of whom have no concept of "be careful, don't spill, you can't drop the eggs in the bowls" and all the other warnings I offered up to them.  It was a bit more stressful than I remember in the past, but still fun.    
In the end, both boys got to dye a dozen eggs.  Lilly didn't knock over any bowls of dye.  James loved seeing his eggs turn different colors of his choosing.  And William?  Well, my prediction was that William would end up with every egg the same color.  You know that dirty greenish brown that comes when you mix all the colors together?
I was right.       

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Shannon said...

HAHAHA... the carton full of brownish green eggs! Both my nephews managed to do that a couple years in a row.