Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Puddle Ride

The past week or so has been very wet.  I look for every break in the weather to get outside. The other day, in between storms, the boys wanted to go for a puddle ride.  At first this was just a regular ride through the neighborhood.  Then they found this puddle.  It was then that I understood what a puddle ride is.  
That puddle was a lot of fun, until they found this one.

They must have ridden through that puddle 50 times.  Maybe more.  As I stood there watching them, cars kept slowing down to watch them too.  Every car with a male in it had a similar reaction.  A big smile, a wave, a thumbs up or a beep on the horn.  Sometimes they even rolled down their window to yell, "way to go boys!" or even, "way to go Mom!"  I think all those boys wished they could have gone on a puddle ride too.

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Erin McDonald said...

you are turning out to be the COOLEST MOM EVER!!!! I love that they had fun but what about Lilly? did she get to stroll through a puddle or two? I hope so! I guess after posting William sitting on a training potty you needed to make up on the blog for brownie points! JK!hee hee ten more days!