Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

On Saturday morning, the kids woke to a house full of Valentines Day love.  The dining room was full of hearts and the table was set with valentines for all.  It was pretty fun to see how excited they were.  It is the little things we do for our kids that make their lives special.  There were no extravagant presents or decorations.  Just handmade valentines made especially for them, a few tubes of glitter glue (which were promptly all used up in glitter glue crafts) and a book.I set the table with construction paper placemats and put out a few chocolate hearts.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that in the end  it is the time I spend with my family, just gathered around our table that will be the most important.  Not the perfect gift, that amazing vacation, all kinds of classes to take or places to go.  Days like this help me remember.

Aaron drew each boy their own Valentine.  It was a drawing of what each one is interested in at the moment.  James really likes to draw buildings, so Aaron drew him an ornate building.  He loved it.  William got a seascape with a smiley whale, lots of fish and a penguin.  He was so excited.  I think we've stumbled on a new tradition.  They also loved their cards from Nana and Papa and the candy they so lovingly provided.  You can see a piece of the "choc" in William's hand at 8 am.  Oh how far my standards have fallen!

On this Valentines Day, I am thankful for a house rich in love.  A husband who will always be my Valentine (He bought me a set of dishes for our first Valentines Day.  Did he have plans for us or what?) and the 3 little sweethearts he has brought into my life.  I love you all more than I could ever say. 

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