Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where are you Tooth Fairy?

When my brother and I were little, the Tooth Fairy had a hard time finding our house.  Or maybe she was just really, really busy every time we lost a tooth.  We grew so despondent over the whole situation, that we discovered the truth of her whereabouts and began to leave notes for the real Tooth Fairy in on her bathroom mirror.  

The best note ever was penned by Ben and was saved by the Tooth Fairy.  She still has it, written in pencil, on blue-lined pencil in the big, wobbly letters of a new writer.  It reads, "Give me my munny.  Tonite."  It is straightforward, direct, to the point.  It has the sound of someone who is fed up and done with asking nicely.  I wonder how many days that note was left up before Ben got his munny? 

On Christmas Eve, James lost his first tooth.  It was kind of a surprise, actually, because as far as we knew it wasn't even loose.  We were in kind of a hurry to get our tired and somewhat (ha!) cranky kids to bed, so when James suddenly began to cry while eating his sandwich Aaron wasn't very sympathetic.  I remember quite well what he told James, because it was so funny later. "There is no way that bread hurt your mouth.  It is like paste.  Now stop crying and eat your sandwich!"   These loving words didn't seem to comfort James much, who had spit out his bite of sandwich and abandoned it to read stories with Uncle B. 

Not long after that, my Mom asked, "when did James loose a tooth?"  
"He didn't,"  Aaron and I said in unison.
"Yes he did," Mom insisted.
"James, come over here."

Sure enough, there it was.  An empty spot where there once was a tooth.  He HAD lost a tooth. Oh, yeah, and it DID hurt when he was eating that sandwich.  That is how the tooth came out and why he cried.  My Mom found the tooth in the bite he spit out (now that is some kind of Grandma!) and we all had a good laugh at ourselves for being so nice to our poor little kid whose tooth fell out because the crust of the bread was so hard.  We apologized.  

Since the tooth had been recovered, we made a big deal about him putting it under his pillow and what he'd find under there in the morning.

Yeah, he found nothing.  It seems the Tooth Fairy is up to her old tricks.  James quickly gave her an out.  "Actually we forgot to put it under my pillow Mommy, so she couldn't come."  He was right.  We did forget.  And now, 3 weeks later, we still seem to forget it every night.  It is really kind of embarrassing.  Every time James proudly shows someone the hole in his mouth, he quickly tells them, "but I still haven't gotten any money!"  Maybe tonight James.  Maybe tonight. 

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