Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Traditions Part 2

More Christmas traditions.

Christmas Cups.  This is the first year that the boys have gotten to take part in the Christmas cups and they were pretty excited about it.  It's pretty simple really.  Over the course of a couple of years, I bought some cool Christmas cups on clearance after Christmas.  (Why pay full price when you can get it for 80% off?)   I have them packed away through the year and they come out with the Christmas decorations.  We use them through the Christmas season and then pack them up for another year.  

Because they are breakable, the boys haven't used them, but I decided this year to let them give it a go. Here is something wonderful about kids: even something as simple as new cups can be really, really fun.  The boys were stoked as we unwrapped each one and had a hard time deciding on which cup to use.  When they finally picked, we filled them up with hot chocolate and gave them a plate.  Because they like their marshmallows on the side. 


Erin McDonald said...

Just seeing your william's mug made my heart jump. I have that style mug stored away some where and can't wait to get the rest of my things shipped here so my home will be complete! Happy Christmas and i love you!

Mommy of three said...

Yeah, you got ta get the Christmas cups (I know yo call them mugs) going so we can still be together on Christmas!