Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Best Present Under the Tree

When I wrapped the presents and put them under the tree, I thought I would have to worry about the boys getting into them.  I have many memories of trying  very hard to figure out what was inside those presents before Christmas.  Usually there was at least one that had a loose piece of tape that could be carefully pried up and with a gentle nudge, a finger slid under the paper for a peek inside.  My brother would simply shake the box and if it slid around, he would pronounce, "clothes" and throw the box over his shoulder in utter disgust.  Wait, he actually did that while we were opening presents.  

Anyway, I certainly didn't think I'd have to worry about Lilly getting into the presents.  Turns out she was the only one who did.  The first day, she just inched her way towards the tree with an innocent, "what me?",  expression on her face when I caught her.  By the next morning she was all over those presents.  


She liked the ribbon the best.  

My little baby girl.  She is the best present under the Christmas tree.  Even if she is getting into mischief.

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