Friday, November 7, 2008

Lilly's Pink Pig

When Lilly was born, one of the first things I wanted to know, after boy or girl of course, was "is she big?"  
"Oh yes, she's big," the nurse told me, "she's a little pork chop."

My Mom loved that.  She said she was going to call Lilly pork chop, until everyone said it would give Lilly a complex.  (I wasn't really worried about it, at least not now.  Maybe when she's 13....)  Still, she had to do something to commemorate the cute name the nurse gave her.  So she got her the pink pig.

Lilly loves her pig.  She chews on it. And wrestles with it.  And when I lay her down for a nap, I always pull the pig's curly tail to make it play music.  She gets a big grin and settles right down.  It's the first toy she's really shown an interest in.  Up until now it's mostly been a love affair with the ceiling fan.  

Even if I don't call her pork chop, I can't help loving the rolls on her arms and legs.  Perfect strangers ask to squeeze her thighs.  You just can't help loving a pudgy baby.  They are so cute.  But, it only lasts for a while.  Think about it, baby pigs are adorable, but big ones, not so much.  So enjoy it while it lasts, Lilly, my little pork chop.



Erin McDonald said...

Ok I love the pig and the story behind it but let's get one thing strait remember Brian's rabbit? It used to be cute white and it used to have a tale and ears, but now it is a earless, taleless grey thing you couldn't even with your wildest imagination believe it to ba a rabbit, so my point, either get her a new pig every once in a while so that the one she has now can be saved and cherished forever or wait until child protective services are called on you for letting your child walk around with a ratty old stuffed who know's what. Ok so you decide! Can I vote? buy her a new one it a few years! I love clean pink pigs and if that pig hangs out with the boy's toys it is bound to turn into a muddy pig. hehe
Love you!

Mommy of three said...

You know, I think one of my favorite things about writing this blog is your comments, Erin. Yes I remember Brian's rabbit. I remember when he got it stuck in his ear, or was that his shoe lace? I just remember the would stick the ears of his rabbit in his own ear, and if that wasn't available, then something else would do. (Maybe we should put this story on his facebook page to attract the ladies)
And, I agree with you. Mom, could you buy Lilly a couple more pigs so we can circulate them?