Friday, October 31, 2008

One Cool Daddy

We've been gone for a few days and I have so much catching up to do.  But since today is Halloween, I had to post this picture of our cool Daddy in his Halloween costume.There are so many wonderful things I could say about Aaron as a Dad.  This picture illustrates just one of them.  He is fun.  From the first time I met Aaron, I loved his sense of fun.  He made me laugh.  He still does.  (I laughed a lot when he came out in this get up) 

He makes the kids laugh too.  He has an amazing way of getting Lilly to laugh.  He tickles her, or swings her in the air and she cracks up.  William almost hyperventilates from laughter every time Aaron plays chase with him.  And James can't keep his grouchy face on when Aaron gets to him.
Everything is more fun with Daddy.  The boys are always so sad when Monday comes around and so happy when it is Saturday morning, "is it the weekend?"  James asks.  They love the weekend because Daddy will be home, and  we''ll have fun.  

We love you, Daddy.


Justin and Erin McDonald said...

What can I say, WOW!
I think Aaron has always been a space ranger and so this costume fits him perfectly. And Duh he still IS the Presedent of the FSCAC (fallbrook space center assosiation club) RIGHT?
I loved all the boys wear but what about the girls?????

Mommy of three said...

Well.....I'm just about to post Lilly's costume, and I, well I got to wear real clothes, not sweats, so that was my Halloween costume!

Erin McDonald said...