Thursday, October 2, 2008

Old Friends, New Friends

Heather and I have been friends since we were 13. As teenagers we spent countless hours dreaming of the perfect guys we'd find someday. We found them and they're both named Aaron! We spent a lot of time baby sitting, knowing that someday we would have kids of our own. Boy have we. There are 6 kids between the 2 of us now. James, Ella, William, Cayden, Lilly and Clara. Today we had all the kids together for the first time.
In our almost 20 years of friendship, Heather and I have lived near each other for only about 3 of them. We have remained friends despite the distance of states, a whole country and even the Atlantic ocean separating us at times. No matter the distance, we have stayed a part of each other's lives and today seemed like a fulfillment of our years of friendship.

What made it even more special to me was that my kids were so taken with Heather's kids. James has already asked to play with Ella several times today. Although he was a little worried that there might not be "boy" toys at Ella's house. He worked out a s
olution though. "But actually Mommy, I think they do have boy toys, because they have a boy."

William and Cayden hit it off too. Perhaps they recognized a certain propensity for mischief in one another. William told Aaron tonight, "I liked the boy, Daddy." He doesn't usually make his own friends because he is always playing with James and his friends. It was fun to see my boy playing with my best friend's boy.

My favorite part of the day was meeting the babies. Clara and Lilly are just about 3 months apart. It was simply amazing to be there, at In and Out, holding our babies and sharing labor stories.Wasn't it not too long ago that we were eating Doritos and Oreos, staying up late and scaring ourselves silly watching Rear Window? You can tell we are seasoned mothers of 3 because we were able to ignore our kids (all right my kids) behaving like maniacs, and go right on catching up. Heather and I always signed our notes and letters BFF--best friends forever. Isn't it nice that we still are.

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Heather said...

Ok that just made me ball! What a sweet description of our time together and our friendship! Love you Greta! What a wonderful (although very short!) visit!