Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Long Noodles

Last night we had spaghetti. William calls it pasgetti. It is one of the words he says "wrong" and that I never want him to say "right". Usually when I make pasta, we eat penne because it is so much easier for the kids to deal with. But sometimes, I want spaghetti , or I don't have penne, or a combination of both, and we end up with the long noodles. To make things easier, I just cut their noodles small. It has never been a problem.

This time, as I sat at the table eating my spaghetti, William was watching me intently. Then he said, in a tone that implied a great and grave injustice had been done to him,
"But Mommy, I don't have the long pasgetti noodles for twirling."

So we gave him some. James wanted them too, and I couldn't resist taking photos
of them twirling the long noodles and then trying to maneuver them into their mouths. It was a long dinner. I don't know how much pasta actually ended up in their mouths. There was a lot on the floor. But it was a lot of fun to see them come up with their own techniques and eventually have some kind of success. They felt a great sense of accomplishment. Bravo!

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Justin and Erin McDonald said...

I love pasgetti! and I love the shot of James and his fork! they are soooooo cute!