Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Magic

Babies are magic. Everyone loves them People can't help smiling at a baby, even when they're in a grumpy mood. Babies make us happy. Babies make us stop and celebrate. Every new milestone is marked with wonder and joy. A smile from a baby is a special gift. Their first roll, step, word: pure magic.

That's one of my favorite things about babies; they make us stop and marvel at things we take for granted. The other day I was with my friend Judy, and her daughter, Ella. We watched in wonder as Ella rolled around from side to side, back to belly and belly to back. It is amazing to watch a baby work so hard to do something we don't even think about. Their little leg is kicking at the air, their head thrust to the side, until finally, flip, only to get stuck on that arm that's always in the way. Then there is more struggling until at last, arms outstretched in triumph, head up and a big grin. Success. All this amid cheers and claps from those of us who've been rolling for ages. That's the magic of babies. We never tire of watching them do something as simple as roll over.

Yesterday Lilly got her thumb in her mouth. She has been working on it since the day she was born. At times I've tried to help her, but my attempts have only made her gag, and the thumb just slips right out. She's been so close for so long, getting her fist, a few knuckles, then her fingers and finally, that thumb. It was a big triumph in her short little life.
I celebrated with her. William, James and I cheered for her and we called Daddy. We took pictures to remember always how cute she looked with her pudgy little fingers curled around her nose.

It's not that we have to make much ado out of every minuscule accomplishment our kids make for the rest of their lives, "wow, you licked your lips!"; instead it's more of a realization that these little accomplishments are big to them. I still remember how thrilled I was when I learned to tie my shoes. I wanted to shout it from the roof tops. I did, in fact, go over to my neighbor to show her my great achievement. It's an amazing thing to spell your name the first time, learn how to use a cup, use the potty, ride a bike. The tiniest things can give us cause for great joy. That is exactly what babies are. Magic.

I've since discovered another reason to celebrate Lilly's big accomplishment. Yesterday she laid in her crib for an hour and a half, sucking her thumb, looking at her mobil and happy as a lark. She did it again today. And that allowed Mommy to get to some of her big accomplishments. Laundry, dishes, dinner, sticker crafts with the brothers, and even nap time was easier. So I say, 3 cheers for Lilly! Hip, hip hooray!


Justin and Erin McDonald said...

I loved my thumb! I still want to suck it when I get really upset and I remember how it used to feel and then I try and want to gag because it isn't the same any more but I still have the memory of that comforting thumb when I was young and well not so young I think I was 10 when I stoped and well yes I had to get braces to fix the damage but it was worth it!

Mommy of three said...

TOTALLY! I really wanted to suck my thumb in labor. Or bite on a leather strap. I screamed this time. Isn't that weird. No screaming with James the 10 and a 1/2 pounder, but screaming with Lilly the 9 lb 12oz pounder. Maybe it was because she came out in like 8 minutes instead of 2 and a half hours.