Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 Boys and a Girl

Lilly is the smallest member of our family. But she was our big surprise. After 2 boys, we fully expected another, you know, the whole odds thing, but there she was, a cute, roly poly, pink and lovely girl! The whole delivery room screamed when the doctor announced, "it's a girl!"
Today James, Lilly's biggest brother, said to me, "I'm glad God gave us a sister." I'm glad too. James and William, Lilly's littlest big brother, fill the house with lots and lots of noise and trucks and trains and tools and wrestling matches. A little tea party now and then won't be a bad thing.
Note: James and William have a tea set. They put it in the mud hole and it is used to dig tunnels for trucks and tractors. It is completely covered in mud.
Now that we have a girl everyone wants to know of we are "done". As if having another boy would mean there was still a girl floating around out there waiting for us to lasso her into our family. We were aiming to lasso another baby, and guess what, we got one. As for being done, I have 3 kids under 5, do you really need to ask that question right now?

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Justin and Erin McDonald said...

I love it!!!!! I am already excided to read the next episode on "Will the boys let Lilly have some mud tea?" Dun dun dun. for warning you Justin has had quite a adventure in getting photos on our blob but has decided to do "slide shows" instead. that way the picturs just go and you don't have to scroll down the page FOREVER to see all the pictures and to finish reading the post! May the force be with you! Love ya and keep it up Write down every funny thing those kids say I don't want to miss out! love auntie erin