Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dziadzi's Here!

It has been a very long week. Last Sunday, I injured my back. To the point of almost not being able to walk. Andeven then, you couldn't really call it walking. It was more of an upright crawl. Anyway, then the boys both got sick. So I was stuck in the house, with 2 sick boys, trying to lie as still as possible on the couch and attend to the needs of my infant and 2 very needy boys. Sounds like fun, huh?

We needed a diversion. And he arrived. Yippee! Dziadzi came to play. Dziadzi (that's grandpa for all you non-polish speakers. Sounds like this: Ja-gee) is a great grandpa. One of the reasons he is so great is that he loves to play. In fact, he is just a big kid himself. I don't know who has more fun building block towers and setting up the train tracks. All right, Dziadzi does. He also has a wonderful ability to make even the smallest events seem fun, exciting and like a grand adventure. He can make the everyday things special. That is a wonderful quality to have.

One of those everyday things is taking the boys on a walk and to the market. When we fist moved to the Grand house, Dziadzi took them on a walk and they stopped at Henry Market. (Don't you love that it isn't Henry's Market, but Henry Market)
He got them cashews and a piece of licorice for a treat. From the way they talked about it when they came home, you'd of thought he bought them a whole candy store. Now whenever we drive past Henry Market, the boys always say, "there's Henry's Market, where we get cashews and licorice with Dziadzi." When we saw cashews at the grocery store William said, "those are cashews like Dziadzi gets me. I love those cashews!"

So it was no surprise that when they saw Dziadzi they immediately wanted to head to the market. This time they took Lilly. This time they got juice too. And this time, like every other time was a really fun, exciting and grand adventure. That is why our Dziadzi is so special.

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Justin and Erin McDonald said...

I remember when he used to take us bike ridding and would tell us stories before bed. He is not only a great Dziadzi but he was a great dad and a fun best friend's dad too! We are so Blessed to have such great dads! They are so diferant but they have so much in comon. They both know how to raise good girls and they both do a great job at making little grand children feel very spiecial!
I give grandpas and Dziadzis a big Hip Hip Huray!